Las Vegas, Nevada Businessman Charles Brennan Opens the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy

Charles BrennanLas Vegas, Nevada entrepreneur Charles Brennan is proud to announce the recent opening of the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Charles Brennan, a Las Vegas, Nevada based philanthropist who donated $250,000 to the Boys and Girls Club and has supported it for more than 20 years, says this organization was created to foster a love for music in young children and help them discover their talents and passion for performing and creating music. By learning to play music, Charles Brennan says that kids gain self-confidence and a belief in themselves that few other pursuits can provide.

According to Charles Brennan, the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy will feature lessons and instruction on several different instruments, including vocal lessons, drum lessons, keyboard lessons, and guitar/bass lessons. In addition, Charles Brennan notes that members of the academy will get one-on-one lessons with professional musicians from different parts of the music industry to help them accelerate the learning process.

Speaking from his home based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Charles Brennan explains that the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy celebrated its grand opening on March 26 with a performance by one of the country’s most prolific and celebrated rock and roll bands, Night Ranger. In addition, Charles Brennan says that actor, comedian, and former late-night talk show host George Lopez was a part of the festivities, along with comedian Louis Anderson. On March 28th, Charles Brennan says the legendary Alice Cooper took the stage to show everyone what rock and roll is truly about. Charles Brennan says Cooper was joined on stage by other rock and roll superstars, including two members of KISS, Robby Krieger of The Doors, Sebastian Bach, and Joey Allen from the band Warrant.

On the afternoon of March 30, Charles Brennan reports that Boys & Girls Club members were treated to a private concert by an 80s tribute band fittingly called Hairball. Later that night, Charles Brennan welcomed Vince Neil from the legendary 80s band Motley Crue, Stephen Pearcy from iconic 80s band RATT and even good friend, Gene Simmons of KISS.

According to Charles Brennan, this collection of talent was unprecedented, and the level of support shown for young musicians is astounding. According to the Las Vegas, Nevada businessman, Charles Brennan, having so many legends from the entertainment business rocking out to help children learn the joy of making music was a true inspiration for everyone involved.

Charles Brennan is thrilled to report that the proceeds from the shows will go towards the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy and the Boys and Girls Club. The money will help purchase instruments for the children and provide funds for employee salaries and general upkeep of the facility, says Charles Brennan of Las Vegas, Nevada based Dollar Loan Center.