About Charles Brennan

Charles BrennanCharles Brennan is a Las Vegas, Nevada, entrepreneur born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. As a young businessman, he established one of the largest rock bars in the Midwest, The Blitz Ballroom. This entertainment venue was graced by the likes of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts before Charles Brennan moved on to bigger and riskier events. At a mere 24 years old, the future Las Vegas, Nevada based Charles Brennan entered the highly competitive field of concert promotion and enjoyed many years of real time success as a self taught promoter.

With dream to build the largest empire of ethical short term lending branches, Charles Brennan moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, and founded Dollar Loan Center. After just two years, the company was profitable and has since grown to 80 locations in four states and over 400 professional employees. Charles Brennan explains that Dollar Loan Center is a signature loan firm that offers online lending, fast answers, direct deposits, and flexible payment plans.

Clark County Collection Service was opened in 2001 by Charles Brennan and his wife Mary. The company’s vision is to create partnerships with their clients that are built on a reciprocal trust. This professional debt collection service strives to resolve issues using compassion, integrity, and honesty. According to Charles Brennan, the company uses the most advanced collection industry software available while representing nearly 500 clients.

Throughout his career it has been clear that Charles Brennan holds a love of music near and dear to his heart. With that in mind, he has established the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy to allow children to experience the thrill of learning an instrument. More than just a place for kids to congregate, the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy was built in an area of Sioux Falls, SD in desperate need of revitalization and offers free music lessons for children grades 1 and up.

Though Charles Brennan was never able to master a musical instrument, his greatest desire is to share his passion for music with every child that comes through the doors of the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy.

He and his wife reside near Las Vegas, Nevada.